Balestra Roaster 30 Kg cycle

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Tostatrice Balestra 30 Kg ciclo

Description of Balestra Roaster 30 Kg cycle

The Balestra Roaster 30 Kg Cycle is a reliable and powerful machine that has undergone a complete overhaul and repainting, ensuring optimal coffee roasting performance.

Its main features include:

  • A Baltur methane gas burner, known for its efficiency in the roasting process. This burner offers precise temperature control for uniform results.
  • A complete control panel with digital temperature controller, which allows for precise temperature monitoring and regulation during the roasting process. This feature is critical to achieving the desired roast profile.
  • A loading hopper for raw coffee, which greatly simplifies the supply of beans.
  • A pellicoliere, which helps keep the machine clean during the roasting process.


This coffee roaster has been completely overhauled and repainted, which means it is ready to deliver top-notch performance. Its efficiency and precision roasting management make it ideal for those looking for a professional roasted coffee production solution.

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