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Tostatrice FIMT 30kg ciclo - Fronte - TCR Tostatrici

Description of FIMT 30 Kg per cycle Coffee Roaster

Explore the power of the FIMT 30kg per cycle Coffee Roaster. Awaiting refurbishment, this roaster is ready to reach new heights of performance. You can choose between two modes: manual, through the control panel for managing motors and temperatures with a digital temperature regulator and a dual or triple stage burner, or semi-automatic with a PLC for managing a modulating burner.

The meticulous refurbishment includes remaking the oven with refractory bricks, sandblasting the metals, and applying high-temperature resistant paint. All motors and gear motors will be replaced, along with bearings and worn materials. A new certified control panel with a temperature probe and a certified burner will ensure impeccable performance.

The versatility of the FIMT 30kg cycle doesn’t stop here: you will have the option to add a raw coffee loader, making the process even more efficient. Installed safety systems will comply with legal standards, ensuring a safe and uncompromised roasting experience.

By purchasing the FIMT 30kg cycle roaster, you will receive a carefully and attentively refurbished machine, equipped with electrical certification, burner certification, and CE certification along with a user manual.

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