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Capsulatrice Nespresso 600 battute/ora Bema sas Easycup - Fronte

Description of Nespresso Capsulator 600 strokes/hour - Bema sas Easycup

Nespresso Capsulating Machine 600 beats/hour – Bema sas Easycup is an excellent automatic solution for filling Nespresso coffee capsules.

The filling unit includes a coffee dispenser and a capsule feeding system. The dispenser dispenses the desired amount of coffee, suction removes the excess, and the feeding system inserts the capsules. The closure unit, on the other hand, seals the capsules with an aluminum film and ejects them from the machine.

It is operated through a PLC control system, which not only sets the process steps, but also monitors the parameters and reports any anomalies.

Technical characteristics:

  • Production capacity: 600 capsules/hour
  • Type of capsules: Nespresso
  • Filling system: coffee dispenser, suction system, capsule feeding system
  • Closing system: heat sealing system, capsule discharge system
  • Control system: PLC
  • Conforms to European standards

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