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Description of Petroncini Coffee Roaster 20kg cycle

The Petroncini 20kg cycle roaster represents an excellent solution for industrial roasted coffee production. With a capacity of 20kg per cycle, this machine offers reliable, high-quality performance that is ideal for meeting production needs.

Available customization options include:

  • Santin modulating beak burner and Plc, which allow precise management of the roasting curve, offering greater control over the final result. This option is ideal for those seeking a high level of automation and precision.
  • Alternatively, you can choose a two-stage forced-air burner with a digital temperature controller installed in the control panel, which provides a highly efficient toasting solution.
  • You’ll also have the option of selecting between an insulated cylindrical pelletizer or a pelletizer with a star valve for continuous film ejection, ensuring that the roasting process takes place without interruption.
  • A loading hopper for raw coffee greatly simplifies the supply of beans.
  • The ability to install pneumatic openings provides greater flexibility in controlling the roasting process.


This roaster will be sold with electrical certification, burner certification and CE certification, as well as a complete user manual to ensure safe and efficient operation.

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