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Description of Petroncini Silos 4x200kg

Explore the excellence of the Petroncini Silos 4 x 200 Kg, a silo battery designed for optimal management of roasted coffee beans. Each compartment has a capacity of 200 kg, allowing you to organize your stocks with efficiency and precision.

The chutes with a bean-breaking panel ensure the integrity of the coffee bean during top loading, resulting in a coffee free of impurities. Thanks to the destoning trolley, you can preserve the quality of the product by identifying and excluding any stones and metallic residues. The integrated control panel and motor with fan ensure easy and reliable management, maintaining uniform and high-quality roasting.

To further optimize performance, we offer you the option of a complete overhaul and repainting, ensuring that the silos maintain optimal performance over time. Discover the versatility and efficiency of the Petroncini Silos 4 x 200 Kg today. Optimize your management of roasted coffee beans, ensuring consistent quality and impeccable logistics.

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