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Tostatrice Petroncini T60 Kg ciclo

Description of Petroncini T60 Kg per cycle Coffee Roaster

The Petroncini T60 Kg per cycle Coffee Roaster is awaiting an exciting refurbishment process, ready to give it new life and optimal performance.

Once it has completed its refurbishment, you will have various options to customize it according to your needs:

  • It will be equipped with a raw coffee loading hopper, simplifying the entire roasting process.
  • You will be able to choose between a steel or refractory chaff collector, or opt for a rotary valve for continuous chaff expulsion, depending on your preferences and specific production needs.
  • The roaster can operate in manual mode with a control panel for managing motors and temperatures through a digital temperature regulator and a dual or triple stage burner. Alternatively, it can operate in semi-automatic mode with a PLC for managing a modulating burner. Additionally, you will have the option to incorporate various pneumatic openings for greater flexibility.

The refurbishment process includes:

  • Remaking the oven with refractory bricks for uniform heat distribution.
  • Sandblasting metals to remove oxidation and impurities.
  • Painting with high-temperature paint for lasting protection.
  • Replacing all motors and gear motors to ensure smooth operation.
  • Replacing bearings and worn materials for optimal performance.
  • Installing a new, certified control panel with a temperature probe.
  • Installing a new, certified burner.
  • Replacing any pneumatic pistons and solenoid valves if necessary.
  • Installing new connecting pipes for efficient management.
  • Implementing legal standard safety systems.

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