Petroncini TT 120 Kg per cycle coffee roaster

Coffee roaster

Tostatrice Petroncini TT 120 Kg ciclo

Description of Petroncini TT 120 Kg per cycle coffee roaster

The Petroncini TT 120 Kg batch roaster is a reliable semi-automatic machine, a true workhorse for your coffee production. Built in 1999, it has been carefully used and is currently in good condition.

This roaster comes complete and ready to use, featuring:

  • Loading hopper for green coffee with vacuum aspirator, ensuring a steady flow of beans.
  • Powder film winder and cooling plate, essential for a clean and efficient roasting process.
  • Option to install a smoke burner and catalyst, helping to preserve air quality.
  • Baltur burners, known for their reliability and efficiency.
  • Intuitive and functional control panel.
  • Pneumatic openings, increasing flexibility during the roasting process.


This roaster offers several operating modes:

  • Manual mode, with the control panel allowing management of motors, pneumatic openings, and temperatures through the digital thermostat and a bi or tri-stage burner.
  • Semi-automatic mode, with PLC for managing a modulating burner, offering flexibility in the roasting process.
  • Fully automatic mode, with Siemens PLC for managing the roaster and automatically reproducing pre-set roasting profiles. However, you can always use it manually when desired.

The refurbishment process includes:

  • Refurbishing the oven with refractory bricks for even heat distribution.
  • Sandblasting metals to remove oxidation and impurities.
  • Painting with high-temperature paint for lasting protection.
  • Replacement of all motors and gear motors, ensuring smooth operation.
  • Replacement of worn bearings and materials for optimal performance.
  • New certified control panel with temperature probe.
  • New certified burner.
  • Any pneumatic pistons and solenoid valves will be replaced if necessary.
  • New connecting pipes for efficient management.
  • Installation of safety systems compliant with regulations.


The roaster will be sold with electrical certification, burner certification, and CE certification, complete with a detailed user manual for safe and efficient operation.


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