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Trabattoni 90kg per cycle Coffee Roaster

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Tostatrice Trabattoni 90kg ciclo - Fronte - TCR Tostatrici

Description of Trabattoni 90kg per cycle Coffee Roaster

Explore the excellence of the Trabattoni 90kg per cycle Coffee Roaster. This powerful machine is already undergoing refurbishment, ready to deliver superior performance. It will be delivered with a Santin modulating nozzle burner and PLC for precise roasting curve management, ensuring optimal control over every process.

The chaff collector with a rotary valve ensures continuous chaff expulsion, allowing for uninterrupted roasting and an efficient workflow. Moreover, the raw coffee loading hopper will enable you to easily load the machine, optimizing production times.

You will have the option to install pneumatic openings, making the roaster even more versatile and customizable to your specific needs.

In terms of safety, the Trabattoni 90kg cycle complies with all legal standards, thanks to the installation of state-of-the-art safety systems.

By purchasing this roaster, you will receive a product with electrical certification, burner certification, and CE certification, ensuring maximum reliability and safety. The included user manual will help you fully exploit all its capabilities.

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